New Beginnings // YouTube

A big hobby of mine is creating content! I have been doing this for a while, making home movies short films and music. I really enjoy the whole creative side to things; from capturing moments through photos and film, all down to the editing process.


I created my YouTube channel on feb of 2013 after being inspired by many film and music producers. A few months on, I uploaded my first proper video on YouTube.


Back in May of 2013, Sam Smith’s feature on Naughty Boy’s “La La La” music video was released and I thought this was a great song with massive popular potential.
I for one wanted to cover the song, but with what instrumental?

At this time no one yet produced or released any sort of instrumental – so the thought of making an accompanying track seemed like a great idea; especially, subtly knowing that making this track and uploading it asap, would get viewed and noticed.
It turns out that after the uploading of that “La La La” instrumental, I received half a million views in little over a few weeks; which was mind blowing.


This initial stimulus made me realize that YouTube is the correct platform to share my creations.

Thatafrokid YouTube channel will therefore be more active featuring:
# more music from myself and others
#Tech Stuff
#Photography (such as those on Instagram: @EdenThatAfroKid)
#Travel (and Adventures)
And just everything i’m into… Life.


Follow my photography on Instagram :Click Above Photo

The channel will not have a set schedule and won’t be the most active, as this will have to fit in with my current lifestyle; between full-time education and that.

So let me have a go • Let’s see how this goes • Let’s see where this takes us•

Till then… SUBSCRIBE!

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